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Skibbereen: 29.07.2017 |

On July 29th, art manoeuvres is inviting the public to come and sleep at Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre in an overnight happening featuring film screenings, participatory games, workshops, light projections and dreaming… This is Not a Dream will provide a platform to engage with pressing social and political issues on the theme of survival in a staged, immersive site.

What if… you find yourself in the midst of an emergency and you are one of the lucky few to whom sanctuary is available. Obviously, you have many questions: Are you safe now? What exactly is the nature of this emergency? What does the future hold? How will you survive?

Participants will occupy Uillinn after it closes on the evening of Saturday July 29th and take advantage of a rare opportunity to co-create their own programme in a public art institution for one unforgettable night.

The art manoeuvres project is concerned with providing a platform to engage new audiences in art and politics focusing on the themes of emergency and survival to suggest alternatives to the status quo.

For the overnight event on July 29th, participants must register with Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre to take part in the entire event or either Part 1 (6pm to 11pm) or Part 2 (11pm to 6am). Nutrition will be provided and those taking part in the sleepover must bring their own bedding. Deadline for registration: Wednesday July 26th

Booking: info@westcorkartscentre.com or call 02822090

Find out more on our website: artmanoeuvres.com and on our Facebook page: art manoeuvres

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